Hell In The Heart

Who are those that war? Those with HELL occupied hearts. War comes from hell. Just as heaven is characterized in its fruit so is hell. The heart is the brooding ground for the two.

Hell is a place for the devil and anything out of it is evil. When the heart is evil do not expect to see good as an end product. The world is the place it shows and the streets are it’s dump ground

War comes from hell and when hell remain in one’s heart there is the chance for war.(Mary Ruth Swope)

War on the streets is the product of HELL in the heart. Hell in the heart is the absence of love(Jesus Christ) in it.(Sunny Ohikhokhai)

I wonder why men deceive the people in the name of seeking for world peace. Instead of seeking the PRINCE OF PEACE they go about organizing peace conferences and treaties. You can not give what you do not have. JESUS is the PRINCE OF PEACE so seek him, plant him in the hearts of men and see if the dark streets will not light on.

Today, no loving parent dare allow a teenage daughter and son on the street because of the fear of been raped and forced into gangs of drugs and guns.

Today, color of the skin is another angle that hatches hate on the streets. They forget it is red no matter what it wears. Yet there are men and women with hell hearts pushing teenagers and youths into this war in the name of color difference.

Yet they also told us that variety is the spice of life. To me, this should mean STRENGTH -IN-DIVERSITY 

“Though we from different world

Yes, we mean the same in all

It’s not to kill us

But to help us all

As we go on and on

It is RED!

No matter what it wears

Could be black or white

not for death

Why see a brother dead no TEARS.”


“Jesus is on the street

Just for you and me to live happily in harmony

Take out guns from the streets

Take out drugs from the streets

Take out sex from the streets

Make it good for you and me

Take out hate from the streets

For the sake of our children please

Take out drugs from the streets

Make it good for you and me”

We should invest in the hearts of men by opening up for Jesus to come in and be the control of the heart.

The world leaders still sees Jesus as the Lord of the Christians, what a wrong foundation! He is the expression of God’s love for mankind. As long as you exist on earth Jesus Christ is the reason you are here. He is the obedience for our disobedience.

God do not spear disobedience, we are spared because of Jesus’ obedience even though it was not a sweet one.
So join us DISTRICT7FILMS  to put on the light on our dark streets by first putting Jesus in the hearts of men on the street.

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