Growing With You

We write,sing,produce and direct knowing
that it's to the GLORY OF GOD. So the best we
do for the one and only GOD the Father of our

We at District 7 Films We work with different tribe,
race and color. yes!, it simply shows how vast, creative,
beautiful and colorful God is.
We are D7 FILMS growing with you.
We Write,Sing,Produce And Direct Knowing
That It's To The GLORY OF GOD. So The Best
We Do For The One And Only GOD The Father Of Our

We also make movies but only to pass God's Love to man's heart.
...We Meet You And Leave You Beautiful...

...Music Movies Care......

Growing With You

Who We Are:- D7Films is a music/movie industry. We grow with you, we stand in the gap for you, a bridge to lead you to the WOW side of you.A sole Gospel company out to spread the life in God’s love in you. We are so glad to associate with you a vessel of honor upon which the love from His Heart gets to many around the world. What a privilege and honor .
We Write, Produce, Direct, Market, Distribute and Make films.


D7Films Make Music & Videos.

D7Films - We Meet
You And Leave
You Beautiful.
Praise In Concert - Part
of Our Business
In D7Films.
@ChildBirth Initiative - We
Are Also In The Charity
Of Caring For Women.

Our Core Value

Our core values are the fundamental beliefs of our company. At the core of our mission is a music/film experience rooted in collaboration, innovation and designed to unleash the imagination under thoughtfully guided orientation. Through our Team-and-Oriented approach, our music/film experience does not stop at mastery of the craft—but begins there.
We believe that a successful life in the arts is a combination of training, talent and new ideas. We crave passion and creativity. We celebrate entrepreneurial spirit, story-telling bravery and the unrelenting desire to succeed. We define success as integrity, commitment, joy, teamwork and personal development.


We know that by championing everyone in our industry that we can change the world and create a legacy that improves the lives of those who invest in our vision of outstanding, next-generation artists. We celebrate the symbiotic relationship between quality content and a dedicated audience. We encourage interactive dialogues and opportunities between the current leaders in the entertainment industry and the people for which we provide services.

We love what we do. Our success is measured by the success of our artists, our staff, our faculty and ourselves. In our world, art is life and life is art. We honor the journey and do what it takes to balance the practical world with our music/film vision. We want our programs to be the place where life long relationships are kindled and built to last.

Our shared fate is only as good as the people on our team and in our company. We believe that everyone must be open to learning at all times. We strive to create a safe environment where motivation, resource management and mentorship can empower unlimited outcomes. We believe in structured feedback, open door accessibility, voice equality, public appreciation, generous spirit and transparent company objectives. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. Period.
We also stand as an agent for Gospel Artists who want to grow by showcasing them to the world because Gospel is for everybody who get life from God Almighty.
We at District 7 Films don't do anything on our own but through the Grace of God which make things to happen because He is the owner of everything.

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